Virtual CFO

Virtual Chief Financial Officer (“Virtual CFO”)

Many SME’s have difficulty sourcing “higher level” financial management and strategic advice simply because their advisors either don’t have the skills or are too busy.

In a large organisation, this role would generally be undertaken by an experienced CFO – an employee of the business engaged for the purpose of monitoring the financial performance and controls whilst having an active role in the strategic direction of the business and its stakeholders.

In a growing business, there are a number of barriers to engaging an experienced CFO. These include:

  • Skill shortages of candidates
  • Availability of suitable candidates
  • Cost

Nature of our CFO Services

We provide advice at all levels to your business utilising our skills and experience developed over many years in consulting to SME’s.

Our Virtual CFO service can assist in:

  • Management Reporting – development and implementation of management reporting systems including budget and cashflow analysis, performance measurement and benchmarking.
  • Participation in management decision making – discussions and meeting with you as required for input into ongoing decision making including development of strategic plans.
  • Assist in the formulation of budgets and cash-flow planning.
  • On- going review of internal accounting systems and processes and provision of accounting support as required.
  • Managing your Tax Affairs in conjunction with your Registered Tax Agent including facilitation of structured Tax Planning.
  • Liaising with external consultants and professional advisors on your behalf (Solicitors, Financial Planners, Tax Agent, IT Consultant) to ensure you achieve the best possible result in terms of wealth protection and development.
  • New venture evaluation – provision of verification and due diligence advice in relation to major capital acquisitions.
  • Sale of existing operations – assistance in preparing your business (or part thereof) for sale including preparation of sale figures, information package, liaising with selling agents.
  • Recruitment of key team members.
  • Dispute resolution – assistance in taking a commercial approach to dispute resolution (internal or external) in conjunction with your legal advisors.
  • Independent evaluation of commercial opportunities specific to your business as they arise.